B.H. Jones

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B.H. (Brigham Howell) Jones
Personal details
Born Mar 8 1867
Wellsville, UT
Died May 21, 1939(1939-05-21) (aged 72)
Brigham City
Spouse(s) Melvina Christensen

Brigham Howell (B.H.) Jones was born in Wellsville, Utah, on March 8, 1867, to Ricy and Ann Howell Jones. Ann left her husband and moved to Brigham City with her children. Ann then married County Sheriff John D. Burt.

When B.H. was 8 years old, he was awarded a pair of bright suspenders from teacher Nephena Madson for attaining the highest number of “head marks” in spelling. Years later B.H. told his teacher, “You couldn’t have given me anything better.”

In his teens, B.H. worked for the Brigham City Co-op as a clerk and later as a traveling salesman, railroad worker, and fireman.

B.H. eventually studied law and was admitted to the bar of the First District in Ogden in 1888 and to the Supreme Court of Utah in 1889. He served as District Attorney for Box Elder, Cache, and Rich counties. B.H. successfully argued many cases before the Supreme Court of the United States. In addition, B.H. started the Box Elder Journal in Brigham City as well as the Inter-Mountain News in Corinne, Utah.

B.H. attended receptions at the White House under Presidents Grover Cleveland, William McKinley, and Theodore Roosevelt.

In 1899, B.H. married Melvina Christensen. They had two sons, Lewis and Melvin. Melvina died giving birth to her second son. B.H. was heartbroken and never remarried. He died in 1939.


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