Melvina Christensen Jones

From Brigham City History Project

Melvina Christensen Jones
Born Melvina Christensen
November 15 1880
Brigham City
Died January 13, 1905(1905-01-13) (aged 54)
Resting place Brigham City Cemetery
Spouse(s) B.H. Jones

Melvina Christensen was born on November 15, 1880, to Lars Christian (sometimes called Spiel Lars) and Malvena Christensen. (Malvena’s maiden name was also Christensen. At age 17, Malvena was brought from Denmark to Brigham City to be a polygamous bride of Lars, who was almost 60 years old.)

All of the Christensen children were talented musicians and dancers and played at least one instrument. (Their father Lars played the violin. He crafted several of them while serving time in the Utah Penitentiary for practicing polygamy.) Melvina also played the violin and was an accomplished painter. She was considered one of the most beautiful women in the area.

Melvina’s half brothers were Willam, Lew, and Harold Christensen of ballet fame.

On May 20, 1899, Melvina married Brigham Howell (B.H.) Jones. B.H. built a large home for his bride on 100 South and 100 West. They had two children – Lewis and Melvin. Melvina died in January 1905 while giving birth to Melvin. B.H. did not remarry.


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